Where the community comes to gather

The Brick Pub & Grill

6343 N. Green Bay Avenue - Glendale, Wisconsin

Performer Bios

Phil Norby     

Phil is a singer/songwriter whose influences range from the early pioneers of folk, Joan Baez, Neil Young and Bob Dylan, to modern singer/songwriters like Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell and Elvis Costello.

Marc Ballini

Marc has a unique sound that blends R&B, Soul, Pop, Acoustic Rock, Blues, Hip-Hop and Folk.

Joe Wray

Joe is a talented musician whose song catalog consists of endless crowd pleasing tunes from just about every genre. 

Jay Matthes

Jay is an award winning singer/songwriter with a country and folk flare. His original music has been local and national radio and television. 

​Myles Wangerin

Myles is a "working man's" country musician influenced by James Taylor, Keith Urban, John Mayer, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill & The Eagles. 

Xeno & Joe

​Xeno, the former lead singer of Cheap Trick and Joe, a violinist who's rocking orchestral sounds wow the crowd come together to play classic rock while blending sounds and arrangements into something totally unique and exciting. 

Sawdust Symphony

​​Sawdust Symphony is an American New Grass band that blends traditional bluegrass style with high energy contemporary musical forms. 


2018 Live Music 

August 22nd:  Joe Wray

August 29th:   Joe Wray

September 5th:   Marc Ballini

September 8th:   Chris Hanson Trio

September 9th:   Joe Wray (4pm start time)

September 12th:   Ryan McIntyre

​September 15th:   Jay Matthes

September 19th:   Phil Norby

September 26th:   Joe Wray

September 29th:   Nick Rincon

October 3rd:  Ryan McIntyre

October 10th:  Marc Ballini

October 17th:  Phil Norby

October 20th:  Jay Matthes

October 24th:  Joe Wray

October 27th:  Marc Ballini

October 31st:  Kris Crow

November 3rd: Joe Wray

November 4th: Phil Norby

November 7th:  Ryan McIntyre

November 14th:  Marc Ballini

November 17th:  Jay Matthes

November 21st:  Phil Norby

November 24th:  Myles Wangerin

November 28th:  Nick Rincon

December 1st:  Phil Norby

December 5th:  Ryan McIntyre

December 8th:  Sawdust Symphony

December 12th:  Marc Ballini

December 15th:  Xeno & Joe

December 19th:  Phil Norby

December 26th:  Myles Wangerin